installations at Calligrane

vitrine neige
vitrine aile
vitrine spain fleur
Vitrine sapain detail
Vitrine 3 ailes
vitrine 5 ailes
vitrine jaune couleur
efeu jaune
coin jaune
vitrine roubinier
vitrine farn
vitrine 2 lunes
vitrine sapins
Vitrine sapain inside
vitrine marron

ongoing installation at Calligrane

instal stone 3
instal stone 1
instal stone 2-43

The flying stones are made with paper confetti.

You can see the installation right now at Calligrane’s shop display

until December 21st, 2018

other installations

installation 2 bandes
inst bande bleu
bald bleu long
band rouleaux gris detail
muster 2
band rouleaux gris
band vert rose web

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