handmade paper


pulp / Japanese mulberry fibers (Kozo) / plant motifs

playing with pulp layers


205 x 90cm/reed/sold

triptych 60 x 90cm/ivy/sold

triptych 60×90 cm/fern/sold

All my handmade papers contain 100% mulberry fibers coming from Japan.

With a lot of water and a mixer, the fibers are cut in different lenghts, according to the effect wanted.

While the pulp is still wet, one can incorporate materials such as: pigments, natural leaves, other papers (silver leaf, for exemple)…

essentially, anything that’s flat and light.

grid 43
arbre argent
detail schilf 43 new

grid/60 x 90cm/sold

silver tree/28 x 30cm/sold



work Lenni
work schilf
work papier fait main couleur new

frame and bowl with pulp

white layer and one grey layer

different layers wet-on-wet

Thank you to Jean-Michel Letellier for his teaching and for letting me use his studio.