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my artistic evolution



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I have always loved to design and create, so I first became an architect and, more recently, an artist. In my studies, I had to design

a lot by hand, with pencil and ink. Interested in art, I felt the need to try out oil colours, pencil, charcoal, watercolours, pen and ink…

Then my profession became digital. Plans and views began being made with CAD drawings.

Consequently, I learned several software programs in order to create with a computer. After that, I learned Japanese calligraphy and sumi-e.

In 2012, I began working at Calligrane (a stationery and art paper store in Paris).

Being surrounded by papers, I am inspired by the shape of the leftovers.

The idea is to upcycle and transform them into art pieces.


surplus becomes art

muster feutre 43
work change-moi 2
work sous main tableau
work sous main noir
muster book black 43
muster book red 43

work environment

work tiges
work che
work rouleau sechage
work papier fait main
stones confetti-1
work papier fait main couleur new

These pictures might help understand my technique and process.

read more about the process

Some new ideas for artwork have come up as I reorganise my limited work space.

Most of the time I’m working with my knees on the floor (Japanese style).

muster masu vagues
foret kloten
petit jaune

paper artists I recommend

Silvia Molinari at Calligrane or website Silvia Molinari

Antonin Anzil at Calligrane or website Antonin Anzi

Jean-Michel Letellier at Calligrane or website Jean-Michel Letellier

Miki Nakamura at Calligrane or website Miki Nakamura

Gabriella Poglianich at Calligrane or website Gabriella Poglianich

Raija Jokinen at Calligrane or website Raija Jokinen

Ferri Garcès at Calligrane or website Ferri Garcès