paper rolls


colour spectrum / Chinese ink / look-through / multiple views / glue free / pixel

1 view

frames without backsides, look-through effect

Spirale rouge petit
petite lune
petit rouge

small square red/18 x 18cm/sold

small moon/d= 20cm

small circle red/d=12cm/sold

le bleu rond
plexi front
rouleau spiral rouge

blue circle/d=24cm

plexi frontside/13 x 13cm

big red/22 x 40cm/sold

petit jaune
plexi back
Spirale blanc

Aayoi Kusuma/d=12cm

plexi backside/13 x 13cm

silver spirals/d=18cm

che ver

che guevara/40 x 25cm/sold

huite web new
Jimmy ver

the eight/20 x 20cm

jimi hendrix/54 x 34cm/sold

rouleau jaune close

installation/40 x 22cm

look through

look-through effect


1 frame – 2 designs / look-through effect

view 1: Tour Eiffel

view 2: Arc de Triomphe

Tour ARC back
Tour ARC front


1 frame – 4 designs / look-through effect

view 1, red and grey (wall)

view 3, black and orange (kanji yume – dream)

4 gris
4 yume

view 2, green and pink (flowerfield)

view 4, blue and white (sky)

4 vert
4 ciel

In 2015, I started my first prototyp. Since then I’ve created about 25 frames.

I have two different techniques to colour the paper rolls:

– I dunk hundreds of rolled paper into Chinese ink, to get a wide colour spectrum.

– I colour the pieces of paper with felt pens, before rolling them. It is very colourful, but with fewer shades.

Improving the felt pen technique led me to colour the paper in order to create a double effect:

depending on the point of view (from the left side or the right side), one can see two different pictures.

Then, my goal was to succeed with a technical challenge:

colouring the paper so that both front and back side could offer two different points of view.

Have you viewed the video to see how it looks?

some details

detail vert
detail argent
muster rouleaux rouge carré
rouleau detail vert
rouleauw gris
muster vulkan
rouleau detail bleu cercle
rouleauw gris look through
muster orange rouleaux new
deteil bleu 169
rouleau spiral detail
deteil bleu orange
rouleau detail jaune
rouleau detail noir
rouleau detail couler


rouleau detail rouge-noir